Wednesday, February 27, 2008

cube-clinging & canine avoidance

When I got here on Monday, and was appalled by the cube, I asked them to find me an alternate space. This, they said, would be impossible. There is no space--it's interactive, remember? Even the conference room has been pre-empted; meetings take place instead around a long table set out in the open.

This morning, however, they found me a place. I could move into my AD's office; her office mate left for vacation today. Assuming I'd have no objection to this, they'd already filed the job ticket with Operations (yes, you have to file a job ticket to get anything moved, even to get a lightbulb replaced.) But now I don't want to move! The AD I'm working with brings her dog to work. I know I'll probably lose readers with this, but--I don't like dogs! And hers is the kind I don't like most of all--tiny and yippy and always marking his territory by peeing on the absorbent disposable pad the AD lays on the carpet that is already skeevy enough as it is. But I don't want to say so and come off a bigot. It seems I'm the only one not enamored of Pickles. Everyone else stops in to pet him and admire the collar he's wearing each day, which the AD designs herself and color coordinates with her own attire.

I don't want to move for another reason. Sitting within earshot of my boss has been paying off in distinct advantages. He can't chat on the phone without my overhearing, so I get the lowdown on everything first. And in a place this big, knowledge is tradable currency.

It wasn't easy to get them to cancel the job ticket, though. You know when a bureaucratic mind gets set on something, they really, really hate to reverse it.


simon billing said...

Must be an age thing. Just left a place where I was plagued by a whippet, a cretinous wolf-like creature (sheep in wolf's clothing), two rat like things and the occasional inbred labrador. All incontinent, no redeeming features save the opportunity for the odd swift kick under the desk. Other employees happily cleaned up after the beasts and found their incessant yapping tres amusant

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Lucky to have made your escape, Simon. When did Adland become doggy daycare??

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. An art director here brought here dog in every day and - pardon the vulgarity - it had the stinkiest farts and they ruined that part of the office.

Not to mention that I am allergic to dog fur.

Thankfully, she left the company, but I couldn't believe that nobody cared how dirty this dog was, all because they wanted to be the cool agency that let dogs come to work.

Drove me up the wall. As I am sure you can tell.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Canine methane...ugh. Heartening to discover other dog-detesters in the business, DB. Why is hating on babies more acceptable. It's like we're working in England.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Not only collars, Jane. Yesterday Pickles (and the AD) sported gray cashmere capelets.

Thinking In Vain said...

I used to have to work with 3 dogs. I think working with dogs and having dogs is two completely different things.

I hated coming in Monday morning to "presents." Or listening to the morning routine of barking at each other for 15 minutes straight.

Oh and I swear one of the dogs gave me fleas.

I'm really glad I don't work there anymore.