Wednesday, May 14, 2008

if u cn rd ths, u cn b a copywriter

Yea, there's Portfolio Center. There's VCU Brandcenter. There's W+K 12. Or, you can sign up for a correspondence course which lets you master the craft of copywriting without leaving home. (The solicitation email itself is a compendium of every trick of the trade.) Who knew it could be this easy? Why do I always do things the hard way?

Everyday people like yourself are earning as much money as most doctors, lawyers, or engineers... and without the long years of schooling. All you need is a basic feel for the English language and a desire to communicate.

The business I’m talking about... is writing. But it’s not the type of writing you think it is. School only prepares you for “traditional” writing. You know, magazines or newspaper articles (or even novels or screenplays, for that matter.)

If you can write a letter, learn a few simple rules, and put forth the effort, you too could be on your way to enjoying a lifestyle that many doctors, engineers, lawyers — even stressed-out CEO’s — would envy. And… without the aggravation and heartache they get on a daily basis.

People who do it are able to spend more time with their family. These folks decide when they want to work, and where they want to work: On a sailboat... on a beach... at home... or even on vacation.

These people are called: Freelance copywriters.

And get this:

You Don’t Even Have to Know How to Write!
(Not the Way Most People Think of Writing, Anyway)

So long as you can write conversationally, you don’t really have to know the “rules” of grammar. You don’t have to know a preposition from a noun.

There are plenty of proofreaders and computer spell check programs that can do it for you.

Now picture yourself in this life: You’re a freelance copywriter and you live wherever you want to and still earn a six-figure income. North America, South America, Canada... I have colleagues that live in beautiful seaside resort in Europe. They tell me there’s nothing like living in an exotic location to get the “creative juices” flowing. That and getting a five-figure paycheck couriered to them from overseas.

I now invite you to join the ranks of an elite circle
of people who enjoy working in this lucrative business.

It’s an Easy Skill, Once You Know How

I can honestly say that I’ve made some mistakes over the years — but the single best decision I ever made was getting into copywriting.

A while back when I realized that there is so much work in the market place — I decided to put a course together. One so special that it would teach the “Average Joe” not only how to write powerful, compelling copy — but how to succeed in the exciting and lucrative advertising industry.

If you were to go to school for this course it would cost you thousands of dollars. But I make it available to you for only $507...(to sign up, sucker, go to The #1 Reason to Become a Copywriter)


Anonymous said...

Love your reference for the headline:

if u cn rd ths, u can bcm a sec and gt a gd jb.

Takes me back to the days of "draw the leprochaun" and "Love Letters to Rambler."



Anonymous said...

OK, I knew this sweet life wasn't just for writers, and after 2 seconds of googling, voila!

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

@Auntie--u gt it. And who would have guessed that a whole generation would grow up thnking ths ws the rt wy to spll? to make room in paradise for (untrained) art directors, too!

@ bob hoffman--no, Florida. (Where else would a copywriter/golfer go to live the gd life?)

Anonymous said...

It reads like one of those spam emails for the Nigerian government.

I'm sticking to being a suit.

adhack said...

I love their site. Copywriting may be easy, but apparently, designing a web page is really hard.


Joker said...

@ hack....and it probably pays crap.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

@joker-I know, I know. If only we'd seen this BEFORE getting into the business.

@hack-proving never hire a copywriter to design your web page