Thursday, May 22, 2008

super sassy and fun to wear!

Though some NYC middleschoolers hold the flattering assumption that I am cyber-savvy enough to shut down their facebook accounts (see under posted items), I'm actually kind of a computer dunce. I'm new to Facebook and Twitter. Haven't switched yet to Leopard. I still Quark, for god's sake. The only reason I can keep up this site is because Blogger is so easy to use, a caveman could do it. 

But even with such a simple webpublisher, I have to jerry-rig systems to successfully navigate. For instance, I've never figured out how to refresh my home page without toggling back and forth to "See Next Post." Which is OK. Because I get to a lot of interesting blogspots this way, sites I'd never find on my own. Like this one that appears to be hosted by a woman from Stepford:
How did I ever live without this handy (and stylish) apron? My BFF made this for me and hand delivered it this past weekend. This little helper is chalk full of details, including pockets that slant to the sides to prevent pens and tools from stabbing when sitting down. On top of it's super sassy and fun to wear!

These would go like hotcakes in the back of Adweek, don't you think? Holds all those items (bberry, biz cards, ipod, building ID) harried ad execs are always misplacing.